About Us

EMCC offices worldwide

How did the EMCC companies form?

We started our activities in Ankara in 2000 as E-Marketci Consulting Ltd. (Turkish: E-Marketci Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti.) started. Later, we founded EMCC GROUP Ltd. in Moscow and currently offer worldwide consulting services in certification for EEU Customs Union, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

In order to survive in such a market, we are aware that reliability comes first.

We have active offices in Russia, Germany and Turkey. We are also represented in the USA and Ukraine.

E-Marketci Consulting Ltd. (company registered in Turkey) carries out the necessary certification processes, production controls and prepares necessary industrial certificates for the exporters who export to the customs union and to Russia.

EMCC GROUP Ltd. (company registered in Russia) takes on the task of solving technical problems in quality certification directly in the Russian authorities in Moscow, carrying out plant tours, preparing expert reports and applying for the necessary certificates.

EMCC GmbH was founded in 2020 to better offer our services on the European market.