Russia GOST R Declaration

Russia GOST R declaration. Applicant: EMCC GROUP Ltd.
Russia GOST R declaration. Applicant: EMCC GROUP Ltd.
Russia GOST R declaration for electrical power cables, GOST R 52719-2007

What is the GOST R Declaration?

With a GOST R declaration, a manufacturer or importer declares that their goods conform with the requirements of the quality control system GOST R (National Standard of Russia).

Some goods require mandatory certification. The list of these goods is published in the government decree of the of the Russian Federation No. 982 from 01.12.2009. For other products, if they are not required to be certified according to this decree but also do not fall under categories listed in Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU), they are subject to a GOST R declaration. Some of such products are:

  • medical products
  • lithium-ion batteries
  • gas stoves and burners
  • hand tools
  • fasteners (bolts, screws)
  • household products: dishes, interior decorations,
  • furniture
  • cosmetics
  • food
  • paints and varnishes

The GOST R declaration of conformity is required for the product import and sale in Russia. The document is only valid in Russia. Optionally, the applicant can order a voluntary GOST R certificate in addition to the GOST R declaration. This can communicate as a sign of high product quality since external test by a 3rd party is required for certification.

How to obtain a GOST R Declaration?

Declaration of conformity with the GOST R standards is issued as follows:

  1. We analyze the submitted product documentation and determines whether the products must be declared.
  2. Product documentation is provided to the accredited certification body.
  3. An accredited laboratory conducts product testing. If the producer already has some other quality certificates compliance or fire safety certificates the goods may be declared solely based on these documents and additional testing may not be required.
  4. The declaration of conformity is prepared and registered in the unified register for declarations of the Customs Union.

Legally, both GOST R declarations and GOST R certificates have validity, but they are issued for different product groups. The declarations are often made by a company registered in the Russian Federation, acting as a seller, manufacturer or representative of a foreign manufacturing company in Russia. By issuing the declaration of conformity, the declarant takes the liability for the compliance of the goods with the requirements of GOST R.

Validity period of a GOST R declaration

The validity period of a GOST R declaration of conformity for a series of goods, a single batch of goods or a single item is set by the declarant depending on the planned production period or the time required to sell the entire batch of goods.